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Not an Ordinary Company!

Continuous customer relationships since our founding in the late 1990s are the best proof that our strategy is indeed targeted for a long-term perspective.

VIRES at a Glance

We are a 100% privately owned company with all three founding aerospace engineers still being on board as stakeholders. Since we started in late 1996 we have evolved from a "Services and Products" company into a "Products and Services" company. This means that today we are in the comfortable position of being able to base our solutions on serialized components without ever having lost the ability to tailor them to our customers' specific needs.

Since 2005, we are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. The last re-certification by DEKRA Certification was issued on July 10, 2014 (see...) and is valid until mid 2017.

VIRES is a main contributor and partner in the following standardization projects in the automotive industry:

A brief overview of where we are coming from and what we have achieved in the past is given in the slide shown above. Click here for a larger version.

But let's stop looking at the past - there's still so much future left which promises new challenges everyday. And we are really keen on meeting them.

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