VTD icon VIRES Virtual Test Drive

Our most comprehensive, modular tool-set for the development, test and presentation of driver assistance and active safety systems (overview / details). It combines the following components:

  • Central Task and Data Control
    • Open loop and closed-loop operation
    • Simulation Frame Control
      • external triggering
      • internal triggering
      • real-time mode and non real-time mode
      • single step mode
      • frame synchronous vs. free mode
    • Simulation Configuration Control
      • scenario management
      • control of simulation stages
      • master and slave-mode
      • team operation (linking multiple simulators in one simulation)
    • Open Interfaces
      • Run-time Data Bus (RDB) for bi-directional high-frequency data communication via network or shared memory.
      • Simulation Control Protocol (SCP) for event-driven communication; it allows the user to take over control of the entire simulation and run VTD as a slave application.

  • Traffic and Scenario Simulation (click for details...)
    • Realistic traffic density and features in urban, rural and motorway environments
      • vehicles AND pedestrians (100+ entities)
      • traffic lights incl. controllers
    • Realistic autonomous behavior AND fully controlled deterministic behavior
    • Seamless integration of multiple externally controlled entities
    • Link to traffic flow simulaton (e.g. SUMO)
    • Exact road description ( OpenDRIVE / OpenCRG) for complete ground-truth data.

  • Image Generator (click for details...)
    • Visual Range
      • Standard ("simulator type")
      • High Dynamic Range (realistic light levels and materials - day and night)
    • Sensor Range
      • 32bit depth images
      • luminance images
      • real-time ray-tracing for IR, RADAR, LASER etc.
    • Image transmission
      • DVI
      • SharedMemory
      • Network
    • Customization
      • Post-Processing-Pipeline (distortion, blending, custom shaders)
      • Image Generator SDK (plug-in concept for custom components)
        • full access to image generator pipeline
        • source code examples for sensor implementation
  • Sensor Simulation
    • Input data
      • image data
      • object lists
      • ray tracing information
    • PerfectSensor
      • working on object lists
      • object filtering
      • calculation of occlusion
      • extraction of road marks
      • extraction of traffic signs
    • CrashSensor
      • contact with other players, obstacles, static elements
    • Ray-Tracing LaserScanner
      • detailed material properties
    • Ray-Tracing Radar Prototype
      • detailed material properties
      • multiple reflections
      • absorption, attenuation, scattering etc.
    • Custom Sensors
      • Plug-In of ModuleManager, using SDK
      • Plug-In of ImageGenerator, using SDK (see also NVIDIA GTC, 2012)
      • entire modules

Other Products

Beside VTD (but also available in combination with it), we provide a series of additional tools for automotive simulation purposes:

  • Road Designer (click for details...)
    Design your road networks in full detail with unlimited numbers of lanes, complex intersections, comprehensive signs and signaling etc. Generate your logics and graphics data consistently from a single source. All logics data is exported compliant to the OpenDRIVE format. The export of the graphics data may be customized.
    • Database Design
      • From scratch
      • Tile-based (extensive libraries available)
      • Country-specific signs and signas (e.g. D, A, I, CH, F, USA, China)
    • Data Import
      • OpenDRIVE
      • OpenStreetMap
      • GPS plots
      • custom formats
    • Data Export
      • OpenDRIVE
      • OpenSceneGraph formats (e.g. .ive)
    • Fully OpenDRIVE compliant

  • Sound Simulation
    • Ego sound
      • engine, road contact, wind
      • depending on RPM, load, road surface
      • custom engines may be implemented
    • Traffic sound
      • various vehicle types
      • Doppler effect
    • Custom sounds
      • custom sound samples
      • single or continuous mode

  • OpenDRIVE Manager (SDK) (click for details...)
    Load and evaluate OpenDRIVE data files within your own applications. Perfectly suited for real-time applications. This library is available for Linux and Windows operating systems (32bit and 64bit). An obfuscated source code version is available for non-standard targets which require local compilation. For the full user manual click here...

  • OpenDRIVE Gateway
    Contact point calculation for high frequency operation (e.g. 1kHz). Technically, the gateway wraps the OpenDRIVE Manager and provides a network interface for querying contact point information. It integrates seamlessly with VTD and is an alternative for custom vehicle dynamics modules to the full integration of the OpenDRIVE Manager library.

  • Visual Databases

    Custom designed visual databases are one of our origins. We have developed a series of tools around this task, so that we are today able to generate visual (and the corresponding logical) databases from

    • Measured data, including surface data (OpenCRG)
    • Paper Maps
    • Videos
    • Custom Data

  • Driving Simulators

    Although we are mainly focusing on software issues, we are also capable of providing complete fixed-base simulator solutions consisting of

    • Simulator Mockup
    • Projection System
    • Computer Racks
    • Integration Services
Railroad and Tram

VTD icon VIRES Virtual Test Drive

As for the automotive business, we are also using our VTD tool-suite for the railroad industry. All of the components listed above in the automotive section are also available for railroad applications, however taking care of the railroad-specific requirements like

  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Signaling
  • Track Design

Our Road Designer (here called "Railroad Designer") is capable or exporting data according to the RailML standard.

By combining both worlds in one tool, we are able to provide also simulation solutions for tram environments where railroad and automotive entities even share common traffic space.


Certainly our smallest division with a focus mainly on helicopter flight simulation but nonetheless of great importance to us. For aerospace industries, we provide the following products and services:

  • Image Generators
  • Visual Databases
  • Flight Simulators
  • Custom Solutions
Product Images
VTD Components

Overview of VTD's modules and extension capabilities.

VTD Perfect Sensor

Multiple sensors hooked to a single vehicle and providing object lists.

VTD Ray-Tracing Sensor

The perfect basis for radar, laser and other high-fidelity sensors.

Fish-eye Warping

Examples of fish-eye cameras including blending zones.

VTD @ AUDI Forum Ingolstadt

Four inter-connected simulators accessible to the public.

Railroad Simulation

Driving through virtual Italy in bad weather conditions.

Night-time Simulation

Headlights of traffic-controlled vehicles.

OpenCRG Visualization

High quality road surface visualization from actual surface data.

Metro Driving Simulator

Impression from the Bangalore metro driving simulator.

Flight Simulation

Visual database for helicopter flight simulation.

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